Monday, November 10, 2008

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Is Buying A Designer Handbag Or Purse Worth The Money?

By Lee MacRae

Designer handbags these days come in many extraordinary styles and designs making it easy for the lady who buys one of them to express their own sense of fashion. Each woman can find a designer bag that ranges from the traditional handbags to the amazing romantic handbags of the stars. But there is the fact that these bags usually cost a lot more than a purse at a local thrift shop. So the question arises: are you just buying fashion or do you also get value for your money?

If money is not an issue, then the question is mute. But for those who want to get the most bang for their buck, you want assurance the Burberry purse or handbag is worth the money. The good news here is that most designer handbags use only the very best materials such as leather. Leather can lend the handbag a beautiful appearance as well as durability since leather has excellent wind resistance and abrasion to the elements. Fine leathers also have the additional quality of suppleness. If you handle a handbag and hear the leather cracking, put it back!

No doubt part of the cost is the name of the designer. But it is also true that you're going to pay for the quality in a brand-name product. Top designer handbags by Christian Dior or Timmy Woods use only the very best leathers.

Here is a good thing to know, top leather handbags have a fine lining material as well. Cheaper handbags will not. Makers of lower grade products look for every possible way to keep costs down. Cheaper handbags have low-grade linings and low grade hardware on them. You're wasting your money. Full-grain leather is made from the finest natural hides with no imperfections. Top grain leather's are extremely long wearing. It is extremely durable and over time, develops a rich patina that increases natural beauty. Full-grained handbags are usually created from the hides of young cattle and have extremely smooth texture, and very fine quality.

So will you get full value for your money. When you buy a leather bag or purse made by Fendi or UGG? Yes, yes, yes! And you will have a quality, long lasting bag that will finish off your outfit perfectly.

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Believe it or not, you can find some great deals when looking for a discount authentic Gucci handbag that may surprise you. They make high quality handbags, totes, purses, and messenger bags for all occasions. You can wear these distinctive handbags to work or out to a fancy dinner. A designer purse of this quality never goes out of style.
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