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Gucci Bardot Purse - Enhance Your Style Status

By Vivienne Neveling

These days a lot of women as well as the media see celebrities as fashion icons and turn to them for some fashion inspiration. Even these days the Gucci Bardot purse is a highly coveted handbag, approximately fifty years after it was designed and named after the famous actress Brigitte Bardot. The surname Bardot is pronounced as bardo. The actress was very famous in the sixties with her full figured exotic blonde look and one can clearly understand why the handbag carries her name as they both represent steamy glamour.

A Gucci Bardot purse has the GG logo all over and is generally obtainable in a beige/brown and black/white color and has a single strap. This isn't the only designer bag associated with a celebrity; Jackie Kennedy had a Constance double strap shoulder bag and was later renamed as the 'Jackie O' handbag, because people didn't even know what the bag was called.

The Bardot is very trendy and will be for quite some time, probably due to its versatility. There are many of these bardot purses which you can buy second hand, because it may not be available in the Gucci range. Beware of con artists who lead you to believe that a handbag they advertise is authentic, you buy it and they sent you a counterfeit. Gucci is a top luxury company and all their items are flawless, thus inspect the handbag thoroughly or ask the seller for more pictures when buying online. It would be best not to pay cash for your purchase but rather use PayPal or a credit card so you can be refunded if you send back your handbag.

Gucci has had so many talented designers over the years such as Tom Ford and Calvin Klein, at present the creative director is Frida Giannini whose talent and energy is noticeable in the whole Gucci range. When she started working at Gucci in 2002 she was the handbag design director but she quickly excelled and today she leads in the fashion industry. There are quite a few top design houses out there such as Chanel, Prada, Fendi, Louis Vuitton thus you have to deliver good quality and sensational designs because, the competition is quite severe. In future years Gucci will without a doubt continue giving their clients fine-looking and beautiful products. Like the Gucci Bardot purse this fashion house is a classic in its own right.

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We all know that it is no secret that gucci handbags are what every woman is looking for now days it is the hottest style out there. All women also know that it is very hard to find a legitimate wholesaler for authentic Gucci gags. I bet you have already searched the internet for a legitimate wholesaler, I know I have and have yet to find one. Some people I know are going through the same problem, either that or they have found a wholesaler who they believe was legitimate and lost a lot of money on worthless products because they dealt wit ha fraudulent company, You simply just don�t know who to trust anymore. I understand how frustrating it is most people have gotten �burnt� bad by all this so called legitimate wholesalers.
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